Need more high-quality inbound calls? Employ AQL Marketplace!

By The Archenia Marketing Team

Why buy clicks hoping for a call? Buy the inbound call directly from Archenia and only pay for qualified leads. 

In many industries, the inbound phone call represents a significant source of revenue.  Marketers drive phone calls through search campaigns and other digital media. But even after optimizing campaigns and call handling, the volume and quality can fall short.

What’s a marketer to do?

Add the AQL Marketplace to your marketing strategy

Pay-per-call campaigns won’t be successful unless your brand can target the most valuable consumers and optimize campaigns based on performance. With the AQL Marketplace, you receive a stream of high-quality inbound phone calls to help drive new business.

The AQL Marketplace combines call analytics data, industry expertise, and technology to optimize campaigns that target high-intent customers through the phone. The function is focused on one goal: reaching and converting high-intent consumers. The AQL marketplace filters calls based on pre-defined criteria and passes them to your call center to help you acquire the high-quality leads you need at (often) a better cost-per-lead than you could get on your own.

How the AQL Marketplace works

When you partner with Archenia, here’s what happens:

  1. You define a quality call by selecting two parameters – whether the caller is new and how long they stay on the phone. (Example: Caller is a new prospect, and the call needs to last at least two minutes.)
  1. Archenia runs digital ad campaigns on your behalf through its network of hundreds of publishers.
  1. Archenia filters out spam calls, and then routes new calls to your business or call center if the caller self-identifies as “new” in the interactive voice response system.
  1. You only pay for qualified calls.
  1. You receive a stream of high-quality inbound phone calls to help drive new business.

The Archenia Marketing Team is a group of dedicated marketers who love to share knowledge and insights on conversational analytics and the benefits they can provide.