InterContinental Hotel Group Increases Bookings with Archenia

As one of the world’s leading hotel companies, with more than 5,300 hotels in almost 100 countries, IHG’s purpose is to provide True Hospitality for everyone and anyone, wherever they are in the world.  

IHG has to cost-effectively fill as many rooms as possible while competing with other lodging providers. To manage filling those rooms, IHG’s call center operation has agents prepared to convert inbound calls to bookings and manage inventory across hotel properties. This makes IHG an ideal candidate for Pay For Call (PFC) advertising within the AQL Marketplace.

“Archenia allows us to reach new mobile advertising channels with phone calls that convert.”

InterContinental Hotel Group

Archenia Rises To the Challenge

Archenia’s Pay For Call (PFC) advertising provides the ability to drive, measure and monetize quality phone calls from consumers to travel advertisers. Archenia developed and continues to execute a PFC advertising campaign for IHG, placing advertisements designed to generate the highest possible volume of calls across more than 100 online and mobile media sources while providing insights into how to improve conversions.

Archenia includes interactive voice response (IVR) filters. For IHG, this filtering, along with  other call quality requirements, ensures IHG only pays for calls that meet their parameters—never misdials, short calls, hang-ups, pocket calls or general customer service inquiries.

What Makes Archenia Different?

Archenia Qualified Leads (AQL) innovative technology captures the highest volume of calls and screens them for quality. AQL helped IHG quickly reach its ideal hotel guest.

In a fiercely competitive industry, IHG has been able to exceed their advertising goals and improve conversion rate. AQL delivers a human connection in the digital age by pairing advanced technology and mobile devices with the most basic form of communication, the telephone call.