How insurance companies can drive more quote requests

By The Archenia Marketing Team

Insurance companies are in the numbers business. We’re not just talking about actuarial tables and claims ratios. To gain new business, insurance providers must drive a specific volume of leads to request quotes, as only a portion of these leads will fill out full applications, and even fewer still will convert to new policyholders.

Many insurance companies rely on digital advertising to drive quote requests, which typically happen via online form or over the phone with an agent. To get enough leads, marketers can optimize channels for the best outcome, but another way to increase quote requests is to drive more calls in the first place.

So, how do you do this without breaking the budget? Consider buying qualified calls. The AQL marketplace combines call analytics data, industry expertise, and technology to optimize campaigns that target high-intent customers and drive them to call.

The benefits typically include qualified calls at a lower customer acquisition cost than insurance companies achieve through their own efforts.

One Archenia customer – a leading insurance provider – had great results with this strategy. To learn how this company overcame the challenge of driving more leads and the results that transpired, check out their story in this case study.

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