How Archenia and Look Listen get top spots for a brand on search engine results pages

Our marketing team discussed our shared experiences with customer Erica Robinson from Look Listen, a digital marketing agency implementing successful web strategies for large enterprise customers. Archenia and Look Listen have worked together for more than five years to provide marketing services to a national dental company, and have developed several highly successful strategies when it comes to placement of the brand on search engine results pages (SERPs). One strategy that’s been especially valuable is called a ‘Position 2’ or ‘P2’ strategy.

“I could name about 10 times Archenia has been thought leaders for us in terms of tactics and strategies to test. It’s been a huge advantage for our team in working on this P2 strategy.”

–Erica Robinson, Look Listen

What is a P2 strategy?

Simply put, it refers to securing the second position on the search results page. This is especially advantageous for mobile search results since often there’s only enough screen real estate for two results, three at most. When running search campaigns, many brands opt for click-to-call ad types. The result of using these ad types with a P2 strategy means once the mobile consumer searches, the first two calls to action she will see (and maybe the only calls to action she will see) are clickable phone numbers to the brand.

Why implement a P2 strategy?

P2 increases the chance of being the only result offered to mobile searchers. There’s also a more pressing reason many brands want to secure this spot – to keep competitors out if it. Competition is fierce when it comes to the top few search results.

In working with Archenia, Look Listen focuses on the top spot, while Archenia works to secure position 2. Besides locking out the competition, the P2 strategy has other benefits including search advertising cost savings and gaining incremental leads from additional ads. It also provides customers a second path to conversion.

“Archenia set up a P2 strategy that has worked so perfectly for our client,” says Erica.

How it works

Look Listen runs branded search campaigns for their client. Archenia launches, manages and optimizes search campaigns based on Look Listen’s criteria. The two companies work very closely to optimize web spend.

“The key to this success we’ve had for over five years is that communication is super fluid between Archenia and us. We have weekly keyword reports and connect every Monday to get a full report of those keywords,” explains Erica.

A P2 strategy is just one way in which Archenia is helping its customers drive more success with search advertising. 

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