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By the Archenia Marketing Team

The AQL Marketplace + Archenia Call Analytics: Better Together

The Archenia Qualified Leads (AQL) Marketplace is the high-quality performance-based mobile ad network designed to drive new customer calls while lowering cost per acquisition. The AQL Marketplace brings together top consumer brands and digital publishers who have been hand-picked for performance and quality. Unlike other ad networks, the AQL marketplace combines in-house call analytics data with industry-leading technology and digital campaign expertise to reach high-intent consumers across its ad network. 

The AQL Marketplace Advantage

Archenia offers optimized ad placement based on its in-house call analytics data, focusing budget on the best performing inventory. In addition, the Archenia interactive voice response (IVR) system can help qualify intent of consumers who are actively looking for new products and services. In other words, our industry-leading technology is applied to your campaigns to filter for high-quality leads targeting the lowest possible cost-per-acquisition.

High-Quality Performance

Archenia leverages its industry expertise to work with traditional publishers and mobile ad networks to drive call volume at scale. We pass these efficiencies on to you, since you only pay for qualified calls from prospective new customers. Call quality is typically determined by call duration and caller IVR selection (e.g. new vs. returning caller).


Need more new customer calls now? On average, advertisers start receiving calls from a new campaign within five business days after ad assets and approvals are received.

Driving more volume often comes down to simple math: My marketing campaigns need to drive X volume of calls to get Y number of qualified leads to hit my revenue target of Z.

With the AQL marketplace, you receive a stream of high-quality inbound phone calls to help drive new business. And if you choose Archenia, you benefit from having a Call Analytics leader that drives calls leveraging proprietary technology and industry experience.

The Archenia Marketing Team is a group of dedicated marketers who love to share knowledge and insights on conversational analytics and the benefits they can provide.