New Student Registrations Increase for Education Institution

Archenia’s customer is one of the largest for-profit education institutions in the United States and has dozens of locations and hundreds of thousands of students.

The education institution’s goal was twofold: First, acquire incremental enrollments. Second, convert a higher rate of inbound phone calls into leads and registrations.

In a highly competitive market, the education institution was looking to boost inbound phone calls that turn into leads from new digital publishers. The institution needed a solution that could drive new student calls efficiently and create a caller experience that matched the business goals. These business goals included generating leads all across the U.S. and capturing interest for their various academic programs, such as business and nursing. Finally, the institution sought insight on how to improve the caller experience and capitalize on each new caller.

“We achieved thousands of new leads and registrations with Archenia within 60 days.”

— Leading For-Profit Education Company

Archenia Rises To the Challenge

Archenia works with the education institution’s various digital marketing teams to increase quality leads and enrollments with specific targets for cost per lead and cost per registration. Through various call and text messaging strategies to meet specific parameters fluctuating by semester and by academic degree, the company leveraged the Archenia Qualified Leads (AQL) Marketplace to acquire an increase of quality phone calls, and activated the capabilities of Archenia Call Analytics, including interactive voice response (IVR) measurement.

What Makes Archenia Different?

An education institution measures its success by the success of its academic programs. Automated call scoring ensured that our customer could effectively measure the success of the program and make operational improvements. The technology quickly identified underperforming advertising channels so budget could be routed to the partners that deliver the highest-quality phone calls.

The customer leveraged reports from Archenia that highlighted both successful and mishandled calls to optimize the call experience. The results were significant improvements in media and operational efficiency.