Archenia Delivers 15% Conversion Rate for Clearlink’s New-Customer Campaigns

Clearlink provides content and conversion services to major home services brands, such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier and Verizon. Clearlink acquires new customers for its clients by generating and converting inbound phone leads. 

Due to its business model, Clearlink’s success increases with each new customer delivered to a client. The company sought a new way to increase the volume of high-quality leads to its call centers, opting to invest more budgets in mobile pay-per-call advertising. Clearlink sought a  company that could be its strategic partner in driving additional qualified call volume to its call centers. 

“Archenia has really helped to grow our program — for volume and for profitability.”

— TJ Kolanko, Strategic Partnerships – Clearlink

Archenia Rises To the Challenge

Clearlink was looking for a strategic partner and selected Archenia because Archenia Qualified Leads (AQL) deliver:

What Makes Archenia Different?

A company built on performance such as Clearlink must deliver results fast. From Archenia’s flexibility in supporting Clearlink’s clients’ unique requirements to the quick speed in achieving high conversions, the partnership was a perfect fit from the start. 

Archenia’s innovative solutions improved Clearlink’s performance and helped the company serve its clients better than ever before.