Archenia and TNEDICCA partner to improve profitability of insurance leads

TNEDICCA Partnership Announcement

Solving the Biggest Problem in
Performance Marketing: Lead Quality

Specialized Technology Combined with Real Human Qualification
Produces Higher Quality and Increasing Conversions

Your ad engages a potential
customer and they call to
learn more.

We validate their intent and
relevance using a special formula of
real-time data, AI signals, and …
humans (yes, you read that right).

Your sales reps are immediately
connected to ready-to-buy,
high-intent consumers with
Archenia Qualified Leads (AQLs).

Archenia Brand Partners

Archenia Delivers Millions of
Qualified Consumer Conversations

Problem: Time and money are wasted from
Sales Reps working unqualified calls

The goal is always to convert the most leads into customers, but that can be difficult when calls have not been properly validated for intent and relevance. Common issues that may prevent qualified consumers from becoming profitable customers for your brand include:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are not foolproof and often receive misleading input from customers. To avoid misallocating resources, you need the correct technology and professionals to verify intent. When you are certain of a quality lead, time is efficiently spent on converting them.

The Solution: Archenia's Human IVR

Our Human IVR can do what an automated system simply cannot. Archenia technology can:

Human IVR

Archenia Human IVR Dashboard

Archenia Human IVR

The Value: Archenia Qualified Leads (AQLs)
Generate New Sales from More Qualified
Consumers at a Lower Cost Per Conversion

Archenia‘s Customers continue to see significantly improving results by implementing Human IVR qualification.

AQLs deliver more than:

This results in:

Archenia Human IVR
Before and After

Conversion Rate Increased from 4% to 20% in the
Auto Insurance Vertical

What does it take to get started? Just a “yes” from you. Our program has been designed to make it simple and easy to implement.

Leave the heavy lifting to us—contact our team today to experience and benefit from the AQL difference.